Club History

Over a century Of Golfing History

Holywood Golf Club was formed in 1904


Laid out on ground rented from Henry Harrison, whom was elected the first President of the club, the first nine hole course was set on land known as The Irish Hill. In 1917 Grainger Brothers bought the Harrison estate and in 1928 the golf club bought the land from them. The first Captain of the club was Mr H L Garrett of St Valentines.


In 1923 the club was formed into a limited company and for £6,000 they bought land on the Belfast side of Nun's Walk. A further 9 holes were developed, creating an eighteen hole course and a new club house was built on the site of the present tee on Nun's Walk. In October 1945 that clubhouse was destroyed by fire and Artullagh House was rented as the new clubhouse facilities.

AFTER THE WAR 1946-1962

Following World War II the club placed an advert in the local press looking for new members, setting aside the joining fee, leaving prospective members to come up with the princely sum of 3 guineas for the annual fee. With the continuing growth of golf at Holywood and the demand for suitable social amenities, a new clubhouse was built in 1962 on the site of our current clubhouse.

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